Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Math center activities and freebies

I love following Favorite Things linky with Teaching Trio on the first Wednesday of the month. I get so many ideas that I can use in my classroom.
I've been thinking about Math a lot this summer so I'm going to share my three of my favourite (spelled in Canadian, eh?) Math center activities. Don't forget to click on the pictures of the activities to get the 2 freebies. 
#1. The first is from Sara Ventrella at MissV's Busy Bees. And it is a very generous freebie that is always a hit with my students. It is fun to see them measuring around the classroom and out into the hall!
#2. The second is one I made myself. It is a favourite in my classroom and the bestselling product that I have in . This set of weighing task cards has 3 types of weighing activities that the students do using a balance scale.  They include finding objects that weigh the same, finding if 
an object weighs more than a given weight, and finding which of two given sets of objects weighs more. Students are asked to predict and record their answer before weighing.  Click 
HERE or on the first picture to check it out. 

#3. Finally this data collection and graphing activity is another popular activity during Math center time. Students survey their classmates then make a graph of their results. They enjoy it so much that I have made a bunch of different seasonal ones that are in my store. The beauty of having an activity that is similar in the centers over the course of the year is that the stdents are already familiar with it so you don't have to teach them how to do a new activity when you switch out your stations. 
I have this Back to School set available in my TpT store as a limited time freebie right now so click a picture to grab it now. 

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  1. Those activities look fantastic! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us this week!

    Funky in Fourth
    Teaching Trio