About me

Hi!  I am glad you could join me.  My name is Debbie and I am a primary teacher from Kamloops, British Columbia.  I have been teaching since 1993, and I love it!  I have taught kids from kindergarten to grade 5, as well as Music, but have spent most of my years at the first grade level.  I presently  have a combined second and third grade group.
I enjoy following other teachers' blogs.  There are so many excellent teachers with wonderful ideas that I have used to enrich my classroom.  Back in the days before technology made the teaching world so accessible, I remember wishing there was some way that we could watch what was going on in other classrooms.  Now that is possible!
Outside of school I like to cook, read, spend time with my 7 wonderful grandkids, and make teaching products for my classroom and for TpT.  I am about as un-artistic as anyone can be, and it amazes me that I am able to create things on my computer and iPad!  (My niece, who was in kindergarten at the time, asked me to draw an eagle for her.  I did my best, but after a while she said, "It looks like a parrot to me.  Maybe I'll draw one myself."  Hers was quite a bit better than mine (which really DID look like a parrot!  But, HEY - a parrot is a bird, right?  I can draw a BIRD!)

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