Sunday, 3 January 2016

January Pinterest Picks

I prepared my plans for back to school way back during the first week of December and picked up a few great ideas from Pinterest, which fits perfectly with Pick Three linky, sponsored by at Lisa at PAWSitively Teaching and Marissa at The Inspired Owl's Corner

(I'm a bit late getting this posted because I've been traveling for 2 days....)

Here are my 3 top picks this month:

This polar bear painting from That Artist Woman will be our first art project of 2016. I did it with last year's class, too, and they turned out great. See the pin here.

These writing activities from Create-abilities will get us through the first couple of days back. 
See the pin here.

 I love reading A Promise Is a Promise to my students. This Robert Munsch book is based on an Inuit legend and is wonderful for a wide range of classroom activities. 
The story is about a girl who goes down by the sea ice in spite of being warned not to. She is captured by th Quapilluit - evil creatures who live under the ice and capture unsuspecting children. This pin has a whole bunch of suggestions that can be used with the book. (Bonus-if you read the book aloud there are lots of opportunities to use creepy Quapilluit voices!)
See the pin here

I hope you all have a great first day back!


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  1. I forgot about A Promise is a Promise. Thanks for the reminder.
    We've made those polar bear paintings too. They're beautiful!