Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Hawaii holiday

hope you have had a relaxing, refreshing Christmas break. I have been in Hawaii where my routine has consisted of walking a mile and a half to our favourite coffee place every morning, and very little else. It's been perfect and I'm feeling ready to get back to the classroom. Here's a peek at the place we were staying.
Best part:  It was FREE!  It belongs to a friend of a friend and wasn't rented out until the 22nd of December so he offered to let us use it if we just paid for a cleaner to come in!  Sure, we could do that!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Math freebies

Report cards and overviews are done - AT LAST!!  It feels like I've been working on them for months. And maybe I have.....A new grade, a split class, and a totally new reporting system (without a number of bugs worked out) made for a lot of extra work.  The good news is that I submitted them last week and they came back with NO CORRECTIONS!!!!
So on to  new things, like getting ready for Christmas.  I actually only have 2 days left to teach before taking off (to Hawaii) because tomorrow is a Professional Development Day.  Wednesday we're going to see Mary Poppins which is being presented by the local theater group.  We leave at 10:00 and get back just about in time to go home, so really I only have one teaching day left.
I usually suspend what we're working on in the classroom for the last couple of weeks before Christmas break, and we make crafts and do some lessons on Christmas around the world. I've been getting together a few math games and some pages to leave for my students to do when my awesome substitute teacher is covering for me, and the kids need something to fill in a bit of time.
I thought you might like some of them, too.  Click on the images to go to them!

These three are all by Teresa at Games 4 Learning. This is one of my go-to places for Math games.  She has oodles of great activities, including more Christmas freebies.  I'll just give you her link in her button so that you can go check the others yourself:

This one from Teach with Laughter was a big hit in my classroom last year, and an excellent opportunity to practice a valuable Math skill.

Here's a good game from Denise at Sunny Days.

This is a game from The Hands On Teacher in First that the whole class can play, or it can be used as a matching activity for one or two students.

 These last ones are freebies from my store.  My kids love Slide and they play it in every season.  I have year round packs posted here.

 I hope you enjoy the freebies and are all ready for the holiday season!