Friday, 21 August 2015

I Have, Who Has Mini Games

I am frantically getting ready for Back to School.  How can it be that there is still so much SCHOOL STUFF to do???  Isn't it supposed to be summer holiday time?

Actually I did go to the lovely town of Salmon Arm, B.C. on Wednesday.  It is right on the gorgeous Shuswap Lake about an hour drive east of where I live.

I have just finished making and updating a bunch of I Have, Who Has mini games that I use with my small groups in Language Arts.  I already had these 3 sets posted in my TpT store, but decided to make more because they worked really well and the kids enjoyed them so much.

 Here are the 3 new sets that I made:

I'm sure that you have played I Have, Who Has? with your class.  I have, too, but I really prefer to do it with a small group.  In the large setting kids get bored because they have to wait so long for their turn.  In a group of 5 or 6 kids they each have 2 or 3 cards (I made 12 cards in each set) and the game goes quite quickly, so they stay focused listening to the person who is reading so they will know when it is their turn.
Here is an example of a card from each of the 6 diphthong sets.
The cards are a mixture of real words and silly words.  The kids LOVE reading the silly words!  I originally had all silly words on the cards, but decided that there would be more reading support if there were actual words too.  For example, if they started out reading "look" then reading "mook" is not a big stretch, and if they have difficulty I can remind them that the word they are trying to read rhymes with "look".
I have been selling these sets in my TpT store for $1 each, but bundled them all up for a saving of almost 50%.
To get them click HERE.  They are excellent for introducing and reviewing the diphthong sounds and spellings.  I have used them with both grade 1's and grade 2's.
I have made the oi/oy set free so that you can try them out with your small groups.  Get them HERE.

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