Friday, 4 September 2015

Freebie Friday Calendars

What a busy week!

My staff had a highly productive 2 day planning retreat up at Sun Peaks, B.C.  Fall was definitely in the air up there. No snow yet, though. Thank goodness!

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at school working on my classroom. I thought I'd be done and have a 4 day weekend, but when I left yesterday the room was messier than when I left on Tuesday. I guess I shouldn't have started to organize my Math centers........

I made this set of school calendars for my classroom yesterday. I tried downloading some from the internet, but couldn't find any that were just what I wanted. While I was at it I decided to add American versions in case others could use them too. 

I'm linking them up with FREEBIE FRIDAY over at Teaching Blogging Addict. Click HERE on the calendar preview above  to download them!

School is only a long weekend away now in B.C.  Last year I got completely bogged down and didn't blog while school was in session.  I'm hoping to do better this year, and over the summer I've started a bunch of blog posts to keep me on track.  I've even finished next week's post for Freebie Friday.  It's a set of templates for Journal Writing that I made for Emergent Writers.  Check back for that!

Happy Labour Day!

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