Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Mentor Monday-Using Mentor Texts for Writing Ideas

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I am excited to join this linky party sponsored by The Reading Tutor - OG. I use mentor texts in my classroom often because they are so helpful in spurring kids's imaginations and for giving them a platform to launch their writing from.

The kids in my second grade class LOVE this book by Remy Charlip. It is hilarious to read and a great text to use to inspire some fun writing projects.

 After we read the story together I start us off with something like, "There was a boy/girl named _____________.  Unfortunately he/she was lonely because he/she didn't have any brothers or sisters. Fortunately he/she got a new pet."  There are always a few eager beavers who are chomping at the bit to add the "unfortunate" next event, such as "it was a tiger". We go through a few of these then I have them continue on with their shoulder buddies. They are pretty excited to get to the writing, especially the boys, who delight in coming up with all manner of gruesome happenings.

I love to set this up as a whole class project in a shared writing book.  I put enough papers in a duotang so everyone has a page then they can get it during Daily Five and read over what has already been done and add their own twist. Because this is a very short piece of writing when it is done this way even reluctant writers are willing to contribute and the resulting book is in high demand as a choice during Read to Self. 

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  1. This book is a favorite of my students too! I never thought of using it as a mentor text until now, but it has such an easy format to follow that even the most reluctant writers would participate. What an excellent suggestion!
    :) Wendy
    Read With Me ABC