Monday, 19 August 2013

Behavior Beads

I am excited to share these Behavior Beads with you today. They are from Run! Miss Nelson Has The Camera.  I think they are a great alternative to the Reward Basket that I've used for many years, but have never been completely satisfied with.

Here is a link to Miss Nelson's TpT store where you can find all the sets of Behavior Beads including a bunch of freebies. I couldn't decide between the Primary set and her original set for my grade two's - there were some in each that I wanted - so I asked her to make a customized set of 9 for me to go with the original set that I settled on to buy. (I couldn't resist a bunch of other sets, too...).  Here is a sample of 3 of the 9 customized tags in the set she made for me.
Behavior Beads ( Add- Ons)
Other tags included in the set are Kind Kid, Top of the Chart (for use with behavior clip chart), Awesome attitude, Ready to Learn ( for use with behavior clip chart or for when students are displaying "ready" behavior), Looking and Listening (I have them show that they are listening by using listening eyes and hands), Perfectly Polite.  I am just so pleased with the way they turned out and feel a thrill every time I see them that I had a small part in their creation.  I am also happy to see that other teachers have downloaded them and have commented about their usefulness.
You can grab these at TpT on sale today by clicking here.  

Can you tell that I can hardly wait until school goes back in to start using these in my classroom?  I think that the kids are going to be really excited about getting them.

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  1. Hey Debbie!
    Thanks for your sweet words. I hope your students LOVE them.
    Happy to be a follower of your blog.